Inside Out Golf Swing Basics: What You Need to Know

If you are a golfer, you probably know what an inside-out swing is, but for those out there who would love to know what it is, this article may help you understand the basics of the inside-out swing. If you have time and want to know a little bit about the topic, continue reading.

According to the experts, the basic execution of the backswing is ended in a wide swing from the outside to the inside by most amateur golfers. With the swing executed like that dependent of the position of the face of the club, you may still be on target, and that is the way you learn to hit the target. Apparently, the inside-out swing is the better swing.

The Basics of the Inside-Out Swing

Inside out simply means that you swing across the target line the moment after you hit the ball. Okay, what does that really mean? The inside-out shot refers to the swing through to the right side of the player’s target line. With an inside-out shot, you try to hit the inside or left side back quarter of the golf ball with the open face of the club.

The Basic Position When Playing an Inside-Out Shot

A proper setup position is maintained when hitting and inside-out swing. You will basically get into the backswing shot position and from there do a short drop of the right hand to end up swinging from the left side through to the right side of the target line.

There are many different ways of executing the inside-out swing, but the basics always stay the same. Many professionals do not even use an inside-out swing when they finish the backswing. Some people will do the backswing and execute it from the inside then hit the ball straight from the back and toward the target.

Doing the inside-out swing will need some practice to get it right and allow you to have enough confidence to use it on the golf course. The target line is an imaginary straight line that runs from the ball to the target — the target line.

The following are some basic executions when performing and inside-out swing.

When you do an inside-out swing, that is precisely what you do — you swing from the inside to the outside. The basic action here is that your right hand and the club always stay behind you until you hit the ball; you are cutting across the target line to the right side line to create a draw to increase distance.

Another application of the inside-out swing is if the wind is coming from the right side, you would want to use that wind to help you gain distance. If you want to draw the ball with more topspin, you would play the ball from the inside to the outside again, to the right side of the target line. The angle of the face of the club will also play a role.

When you execute a backswing, you will drop it from the backswing on the inside. You don’t do an out swing, you do a short inside drop to the ground. From there, you finish the drop into a swing that comes from the inside to the outside across the target line, and you hit the ball from the left, back quarter, and finish the swing-through.

It is a basic backswing, turning into a short drop close to the body on the inside of the target line, and the swing will follow through to the outside of the target line. The club is coming from behind you into the ball. You must feel the drop and turn your back to the club and release the swing in the follow-through.

The difference in the direction the ball is traveling lies in the position of the face of the club the moment it strikes the ball and in what area the ball was struck at the moment of impact. An open face or closed face of the club will determine the direction the ball is going.

Why You Would Want to Learn and Use the Inside-Out Swing

The good thing about the inside-out swing is that you do not need to alter your stance. You can get into the natural backswing position and execute the inside-out swing from there. Even though it may take a lot of practice to master the inside-out swing, it will, in the long run, benefit your game.

The benefit of playing the inside-out swing is that you will increase distance, and you will not slice the ball like you would when you play the overhead shot from the outside to the inside. If you are a beginning golf player, start by learning the right ways to swing the club and hit the ball. Many people learn the game the wrong way from the wrong people.


When starting to learn to play golf, it is better to learn how to play the right way from the start. Like in any other sport, it is essential to learn to execute the movement or shot or whatever you are learning in the beginning, rather than having to shed bad habits later on in your practice. It may take you longer to learn how to play the right way, but in the end, it will be better for your game.

When learning to play golf, it is better to learn the inside-out swing and how to correctly execute it for your future benefit. In the long run, it will be good for you if you find the right instructor or professional golfer to teach you the right way.