How to Improve Your Golf Swing at Home: 8 Useful Ways

When it comes to golf, there is always room for improvement. You can’t always make it to the golf course whenever it strikes your fancy, so you may have to find a way to improve your golf swing at home. There are numerous golf drills you can work on without having to go to the golf course. It’s all about finding the right club and the right spot in your home, and you’re good to go.

Get a Practice Club

You will probably want to do this for an extended period of time, so put some commitment into it by creating your perfect swing. Find yourself an old demo 6 iron to use for practicing.

With your new club and a makeshift “golf course,” you are ready to get some golf going without ever leaving your home. You can make the course by simply using your carpet for the drills. You can also try using the grass in your backyard. Both should be readily available and ideal for your game.

Practice the Correct Posture

Your stance is essential to finding the perfect swing. You don’t need to be on a golf course to practice the ideal position for the best swing; you can do a posture check from home. Stand upright and stretch the club out in front of you. Place a mirror behind you. Move the club back so that the sole points at the mirror.

Try your usual golf posture. This is done by hanging your upper body just over the golf ball at the hips and flex your knees. Check the mirror. This is the perfect posture. Practice over and over again until this becomes your standard.

Find the Right Impact Position

Having the right impact position will help you in training your body to generate the right amount of force for the hit. You will learn to move into the correct position without having to give it too much technical thought.

The correct impact position is determined by the position and flare of your feet, having the correct grip on your club, and using the front and back of your body to create optimal balance. We suggest that you have a few lessons with a pro or watch  tutorials to ensure that you have the correct impact position.

Managing Your Body Movements

Turning both your hips and your shoulders at the same time is a common error in golf, and this results in swinging while you are off balance. There is a simple way of fixing this.

Swinging Drill

This is an easy drill for perfecting your impact on the ball. One right way to practice is to take a swing but stop at impact right before hitting the ball. Check where the face of your club is pointing. You have to practice until the club is pointing at the correct spot on the ball. You can also try putting your arms low and swinging the club. This will help you understand your body movements. It is what is referred to as the half-speed swing.

You can find YouTube videos showing the perfect swing, or you can watch sports shows like Supersport or Sky Sports. You can then copy the movements that you see and repeat them over and over again. Golf pros create these shows and videos, so you can be sure that they know what they are doing.

Putting Drills

Many golfers use one hand to control their putting strokes. With a little practice, you can learn to use both hands. You will manage to find the right technique for your game.

Here are some simple steps to the perfect putts that you can practice at home.

  • Use your carpet as the golf course and draw a line around the ball
  • Hit a few putts, striking the ball from the middle. This is how you know that the ball will roll along the line to your target without straying

This is an easy drill to practice at home, and you will not feel too much pressure, which is a possibility if you decide to go to the golf course. You will also not lose your feel.

Checking Your Balance

This will help you find an ideal manner to transfer your weight while you swing so that you can achieve accuracy and power. You can try making swings without your shoes on, as well. With your feet firmly planted on the ground, you will feel the flow of your swing. You should feel your weight move to your right side on the way back and then move toward the target on the way through.

Performing the Basket Set

This is the easiest drill to practice from home. All you need is a basket or a small bin, your homemade club, and your golf balls; you can use one ball, but you will have to retrieve it several times during your practice. Here’s how to do the basket test.

Measure a distance of 10 feet. Place the basket or bin at one end and the balls on the other, with the mouth of the basket facing you.

Hit the balls in the basket. It is ideal if you can take at least ten strokes. That way you can maximize your test results. See how many times you succeed in getting the ball inside the basket.

Exercise and Get Fit

Being fit is one of the simplest and best ways how to improve your golf swing at home. Why? Because it improves your hip stability and mobility. Simple exercises such as walking, squats, cycling, yoga, and swimming are highly recommended to help you get fitter and stronger.