Golf Swing Takeaway Tips: How to Correctly Begin your Golf Swing

One of the biggest factors in having a good golf swing is starting your swing correctly in the first place. Learning how to correctly begin your golf swing is easy if you have the right golf swing takeaway tips.

Every golfer wants to perfect their game and perform at the best possible level, but the big question is, how do you get to the level of professional golfers? What measures and actions can you take to improve your game?

Since your golf swing is considered one of the highest contributing factors regarding the distance which the ball will carry, you can take a look at some tips and ways on how to improve your swing in order to achieve your goal.

What is Golf Swing Takeaway?

Golf swing takeaway is the underlying action that takes place once a golfer begins his golf swing. In other words, it is initiated from the time the golf swing is set up, and it ends once the club becomes parallel to the ground. An experienced golfer will tell you that this is the beginning of the backswing.

How you initiate the swing action during the takeaway will influence the swing sequences that you will later take. The bottom line is each and every swing in golf starts with a takeaway, and this will highly determine how the other aspects of your swing are performed, as well.

Is It Possible to Improve Your Golf Swing Takeaway?

The answer to this question is yes, any golfer is in a position to improve their performance in their golf takeaway. All you need to consider is simple techniques like:

  • Maintaining a stable swing along the path you choose
  • Positioning the club correctly as early as possible
  • Discovering your main source of power
  • Maintaining a firm downswing
  • Striking the golf ball in a straight manner

This doesn’t mean that you need to be a pro to achieve the best takeaway. Even an amateur can achieve the best swing, thus increasing the distance the golf ball covers. The secret is maintaining a solid, firm strike.


Here are some of the easy measures that you can adopt to perfect your game, achieve a swift swing, and win that carry spot that you always wanted to hit.

Pointing the Shaft Towards the Target

For you to swing perfectly and not miss the ball, you need to be good at aiming. Point the shaft directly at the target point. The position to which you bring back the club should be influenced by the target line.

Therefore, the club should be pointing straight overhead the line, this will automatically put the club shaft in a parallel position to the ground. This will give you a better impact than if it was pointing either to the right or left.

More than that, you also need to consider the position of the clubface. This is achieved by considering open-club takeaway, closed-club takeaway, and square clubface takeaway.

Slightly Aim the Club Towards the Ground

This is another step that one needs to take in order to improve their takeaway. This step is generally carried out at the completion of the takeaway. It is always very important to take into consideration the direction to which the club is facing.

Every golfer wants their shots to cut through the air with every possible ounce of force. Therefore to achieve this, the leading club edge should slightly point to the ground to impact the ball.

You should not forget the importance of back swinging, because this stage will really need that focus to maintain the pace at which you bring down the clubface. This is achieved by three major avenues which include the open, closed, and square takeaway.

Hinging of the Wrist Should be Avoided

This is where most golfers go wrong. Most of them undertake the first and the second steps well but still get frustrated by the results. The launching of the golf ball can be affected by how you control your wrist.

You have to take into consideration how you hinge your wrists. An early wrist hinge will result in the clubhead rising very quickly, and this will negatively impact your swing. If this happens, you risk preventing the active stage of your wrist during the early stages of the takeaway.

You should note that this helpful tip tends to promote a better swing that will result in a wide carry coverage of the golf ball. Every golfer practices to overcome this shortcoming. The early rising of the wrist is just partially helpful when it comes to delicate shots.

Keep Your Hands in Front of Your Chest

Your hands should rest in front of your chest. There should be an isosceles triangle formed by your two shoulders together with the club butt — this should be maintained all the way through for a perfect final swing. It creates uninterrupted power to your lower body, giving you perfect rotation.

The bottom line is that your hands should rest in the most forward location of your chest. The step is focused on maintaining your chest in a ‘Y’ shape that will be formed by the club together with your arms.

Be a Professional

There are obviously some extra factors that one needs to put into consideration when taking the club away from the ball. These factors include:

  • Waggle: Relaxing your muscles, arms, and hands before you take action is very important
  • Focus: Maintain clear eye contact with the ball…be sure of where to strike the ball from
  • Forward press: This is very important in getting the right swing speed for a perfect takeaway. Push your hands slightly forward before you grip the club
  • Maintain a smooth movement: This is certainly the most important aspect of every golfer’s takeaway … make it slow and smooth

Final Thoughts

The specific takeaway part of your golf swing is considered very important in obtaining a perfect swing. There is a slight difference between a takeaway swing and a backswing. The takeaway is the first movement that a golfer makes after setting your hit spot. This is what fuels your motion.

By considering the above-mentioned tips, you are guaranteed improved results. You will improve your carry distance and also level up your game. Grab the advantage and discover the pro that you are.