Best Golf Swing Thoughts That Really Work

Before we get to golf swing thoughts, it’s best if we first understand what it really means. In general, swing thoughts are any thoughts meant to analyze specific elements of a swing that golfers will try focusing on when taking a shot. They make the brain execute a very specific action.

Why Use a Golf Swing Thought?

These thoughts come in handy during the correction of a particular thing or when bringing back a swing to basics. You will also use it when you want to bring the swing to the elements’ core.

Normally a different swing is created when you try to put into consideration some adjustments which are minor in taking a shot. It’s only through focusing on important swinging thoughts that you can do what is required for that particular shot. Another solution to a problem area is by trying to focus on a swing that’s new.

How Many Swing Thoughts Will You Need for a Game?

It is not advisable to fill your head with so many thoughts as it can lead to confusion, which in turn causes a focus loss. You may require just a few for a particular game, though try exploring new swinging thoughts whenever you can.

Best Golf Swing Thoughts

Elbows Should Face the Target

This thought encourages you to point your elbows towards a certain target. It makes you assume a particular position by the end of the swing. This key swing promotes a high swinging plane, which will be efficient for you to arrive at such a finishing position. This thought makes you perform perfect swings, thus making it to the intended position.

Finishing Your Swing

You are simply reminded to finish your swing. When you think more about how you will complete it, you are more likely to have a full swing that is perfect. This thought tries to do away with tendencies of slapping the ball off. It also overcomes problems that lead to deceleration by helping you have a view of impact as a start and not the end of a swing.

Have thoughts that involve finishing perfectly as they will make you get to an impact position that’s good.

Maintain a Constant Angle of the Spine

This thought helps you maintain a constant angle of your spine while taking your swing. This mainly works for players who stand for a short while before the impact. This thought will help you have a good shot as it makes you remain constant during a swing. This does not necessarily ensure shots that are straight, but by having a constant spine angle, you get a chance to improve on it.

Try Keeping a Lag

This one is meant to discourage releasing too quickly. You need to maintain your swing at the top for an unspecific period of time when bringing it down to the impact. This type of swinging helps you hit on a ball or compress it at its impact. When you fail to maintain a lag during a swinga, you will end up hitting a thin shot on the ball. Keeping a lag will prevent and cure this habit.

This thought is very important throughout the game and should be used whenever you are taking a swing.

Trapping the Ball

This thought makes you imagine that as you are hitting the ball, it has been trapped between your club and the ground. Having an imagination that the ball is trapped down will motivate you to take a hit down. By now, you know that hitting the ball down properly is the key to perfect strikes.

This golf thought is helpful mostly for players seeing thinner shots. If you also have a problem with releasing your wrists quickly, this thought will also help you fix that.

This thought is not recommended for all the shots you may take.

Do Not Try to Kill It

This basically makes you have a smoother swing. The thought encourages performing a swing with less effort. Having a smoother swing proves that you have no doubts. Having a smooth, calculated swing makes you produce a force that’s enough to make the ball go on its own course.

If you feel that your muscles tend to become tense, this can help you eliminate it. More focus on killing the ball eases the tension on your muscles.

Keep Your Head Down

This thought helps you in keeping an eye on the ball. This type of swinging thought will mostly work best for beginners as they have a significant problem when it comes to looking at the ball after taking a hit, which in turn makes them lift their heads earlier than required.

Keeping your head down also makes you focus more on the ball, thus saving you in terms of locating the ball ground. This will work best for players with a high tendency to lift the head more.

This thought is applicable to any shots that you may wish to take. Resisting the urge to look is very important, so try and keep your head down after you make your hit.

Make a Hard Hit

This thought makes you want to hit the ball with more aggression. An aggressive swing makes you more confident in the game. Acceleration to the impact is also achieved by hitting the ball hard. This thought is best if you have a deceleration problem towards the impact. When you put this thought into action, you will reduce your deceleration by a significant margin. Making a hard hit will come in handy when you are required to make a full swing.

Final Thoughts

Learn to use the above thoughts. Keep in mind that not all thoughts may work for you, but you need to keep practicing. You have to identify your problems when playing and try to fix them using any of the mentioned thoughts. Golf players are different; thus, a thought that may work on one may not work for you. Stick to what helps you and use it wisely.